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1: The name covering all of Sony's video game consoles. Subsequent consoles use either a number (2 and 3) or another word (Portable) to differentiate itself from the original.

2: Sony's first of its 4 entries into the video game world, released in Japan in December 1994, then entering the US and Europe in September 1995.


It began its life planned as a CD-ROM add-on to Nintendo's Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super Famicom in Japan).

When that partnership fell through, Sony decided to take the add-on they were already working on and make a stand-alone home console (originally, the Playstation was designed to play both Sony's games and SNES carts. The Playstation as we know it today is actually the Playstation X, hence the early 'PSX' abbreviation).

Five main versions are known to exist:

Model SCPH-100X: This version was infamous for early versions being able to play imported and copied games with a simple disc-swap. A later version corrected this issue, but both were also known for overheating problems and for having streamed audio and video skip frequently.

Model SCPH-550X (I don't personally own a console with this number. Can anyone verify?): Fixed the overheating problem, partially. Skipping problems weren't addressed, however. Standard RCA cable output ports were replaced with a proprietary output port, according to sources. It's also claimed that the laser housing was moved.

Model 750X: Addressed the audio/video skipping problems. I can confirm the laser housing was moved and that the audio/video output port exists.

Model 900X: Final revision of the PSX hardware. Parallel I/O pot removed, as Sony didn't use it, but Datel's Game Shark and other unofficial peripherals did.

Sony PS1: An all-new console design that was supposed to allow the console to be travel-friendly, provided you bought the screen for it. Name changed to PS1 because of the upcoming Sony PS2.
Part of the reason so many Playstation consoles are sold is because people are buying replacements.
by Tiberious May 21, 2005
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1) Acronym for International Standards Organization.
2) File extension for ISO-9660 file system for transferring data to a CD.
3) Common term for any number of CD image formats, including .ISO (see definiton 2).
"That business is ISO-9000 compliant."
"Looking for all latest releases. ISOs only."
by Tiberious September 9, 2003
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N: One who waffles, from the verb waffle, meaning to never settle on a stance on one (or more) issue(s); A waffler usually goes from one side to the other and back again, usually multiple times, depending on who (s)he is talking to at the time. See also panderer.

There is a subtle difference between a waffler and a fence-sitter, most notably in that the fence-sitter never actually decides their stance on an issue/issues.

This term is derived from the food of the same name (waffle), probably because the grid-like patterns on the food resembles how a waffler is on again and off again on their views.

The word has recently made a return to the forefront of common communication with the arrival of John Kerry's (United States) Presidential campaign.
"I used to be for the war in Iraq, until I was against it." - John Kerry (real quote)

Can anyone seriously say that with a straight face? What a waffler. This guy panders so much he makes Al Gore look like a decent person. I feel sorry for anyone who lets themselves get hoodwinked into voting for this fool.
by Tiberious August 22, 2004
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