"Infernal Revenue Service", how many Americans feel about the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. federal tax collection agency.
Legend has it that IRS employees scrutinize handwritten envelopes containing tax returns, and any addressed to the "Infernal" Revenue Service are flagged for audits.
by Grinning Cat April 18, 2008
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Government branch that steals our money so it can be spent on bums that are too lazy to work, women that have too many kids, and bling bling chrome rims for guys with no jobs. Just take your welfare check to the local Currency Exchange, and you're good to go!

Makes me proud to pay taxes on my hard earned money!
I made $100,000 last year, working 60 hours a week. Actually, I made $40,000 after taxes because the IRS feels that people who don't work for a living, deserve to get checks in the mail. Why don't other countries do this except us again? Oh that's right, we're lazy for the most part.
by Brian Leeon January 16, 2006
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Income Removal Service

Fucken Bastards that steal peoples money for no fucken reason.
Dam I made a lot of money, but I can't keep it the IRS bastards are robbing me.
by LOCO210 March 01, 2010
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A guild of thieves devised by the government (those sneaky bastards) that worship Roxat. Their belief is that our money should be used for less important things that no one cares about except them and the bums they support.
The IRS took my money just so Billy Joe could get a new TV.
by Me name is Ty April 15, 2008
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