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Slang for penis, especially one belonging to a person named hector. Sometimes referred to as hektor injektor.
Dude, you should give that bitch the hector injector.
by Cutlass_253 November 25, 2006
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n: A penis which sometimes emits cum depending on vagina tightness.
Timmy slid his vaginal injector into a warm wet vagina at a medium pace
by Trees DT December 9, 2009
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the art of pounding vag.
laying pipe.
A porn ster is a penile injector
"john terry is a penile injector"

"Ron Jeremy is a penile injector"

"every bloke is a penile injector that has sex"
by fuckshu January 12, 2011
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a syringe that make ya booty larger than kim's boii
man 1: that tit big boi
man 2: yeah u seen that ass tho

man 1: she must use that ass injector.
by BoiNigger January 22, 2019
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Someone who overcompensated for the size of their truck and tries to redeem themselves
Jeff bought too big of a truck and now has to get an erection injector.
by xXPussy DestroyerXx April 22, 2016
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Male genitalia other wise known as the penis.
During the act of coitus, his girlfriend really didn't seem to appreciate being told to "milk his protein injector."
by thechurchfodave February 24, 2011
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sum 1 who injects herroin
you hector injector
by aaa October 24, 2003
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