That was the best dunk I've ever seen a high school player do , IJS.
by Ving~Thor January 21, 2015
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I'm Just Saying: Used to add emphasis, or express irony. Can also be used to express sarcasm. Can be used on the back of almost any sentence, IJS.
Person 1: how was that movie
Person 2: That crap was straight booty, IJS

Person 1: did you see the new guy
Person 2: I'm still having wet dreams, IJS
by nainai 22 August 28, 2006
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It stands for I Just Smiled. Instead of using "lol" even when you don't laugh, use ijs if you cracked a smile
Boy: Do you want to hear a joke?
Girl: sure
Boy: Two fish swim in to a concrete wall. One turns to the other and says "Dam"
Girl: ijs
by emokidsqt November 21, 2009
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acronym, it stands for "intellectual jewish stoner", and refers to any guy who fits that general description - they general enjoy jam bands and/or jazz, really good books, weed, and birkenstocks. many have jewfros, and play in a band. they're usually rather politically liberal, and from one of the coasts, though they are most commonly found in the northeast.
Girl 1:I can't believe I ran into Danny at the DMB concert! It was so awkward. He was extremely blazed.
Girl 2:Obviously. He's a total IJS.
by norrie September 23, 2007
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Ije or Ijeoma, that girl that starts puberty as a hot mess but ends it looking sexy as hell. She's really emotional but acts tough. She doesn't get angry easy but when she does you better run. She's quirky,crazy, sharp mouthed and jokes a lot.She may seem quiet but once you get to know her she'll almost never stop talking. She doesn't have the best self esteem because she looked "fugly " at the beginning of puberty and thinks she still is. She may not actually have boobs but has an assand curves to die for. They are usually plump but not overweight (because they love sleep so much), you'll almost never find a slim Ije but their plumpness suits them. She has a nice personality and is the kind of person you'll like to be around.She's beautiful and cute at the same time. She knows how to get freaky when it's time. She finds it hard to fall in love but when she falls she falls hard. All in all Ije one of the most wonderful people to be with.
Guy1:Damn,that girl from last Knight really got freaky.

Guy2: Is her name Ije?

"With an ass that thick, her name must be Ije."
by Thatgirlthatsleepstoomuch August 18, 2018
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an inside joke. ironically, the word itself is an inside joke
Bob: Hey remember what we did last night? DOUGHNUTS! ahhahahha


Jim: What?

Tim: IJ dude.

Jim: What?

by walakhai555 April 16, 2010
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