1. International House of Burgers

2. A phrase no one will ever fucking use because it will always be IHOP
"Yo you wanna grab some IHOP, shit I mean "IHOb"?"
by 1bRo June 15, 2018
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Hey did you hear about how shitty IHOB is?

Wow canโ€™t believe youโ€™re being such an IHOB right now
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by So He Said To Me August 02, 2018
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1. A small mythical creature with hairy toes and a headset (singular).

2. Youthful and brand savvy Shire folk (plural).

3. Branded item of hardware used by the iHob.
1. Tuned out with carefree disregard for depilatory product, the iHob behaves in elusive fashion.

2. The iHob had heard of Walkmans but none could remember seeing one.

3. Habble are proud to release their latest range of iHobs in Shire shades of grey, taupe and brown.
by Tekhobb July 24, 2012
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