abbreviation for: internet chatroom thug

Someone who constantly talks shit on the computer or e-world but if dealt the same cards in the real world they are as quiet as a mouse.
Geek on computer: You stupid ass bitch, suck my dick.
Geek in real life: Im sorry sir, can we talk about this.

This guy is an ict.
by Dat Boy March 11, 2006
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A company that works with other companies to outsource their customer service within and beyond the US. Clients include AOL, Virgin Mobile, and Washington Mutual.


ICT= Information Communication Technology
Group= bastardous lot of people.
"Damn, I'm finally quiting ICT! Those bastards have screwed me for the last time!!!!"
by psychosis_66 March 31, 2005
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Looked down upon in society, especailly by those in the 'Tansey' clan, a typical BTEC class is filled with A level rejects, alcoholics, chain smokers and wierdo's. Such an environment is extremely loud and it's more than a miricle that any level of productivity is achieved.

A normal BTEC student is unmotivated, avoids work where ever possible, lacks cash, enjoys playing cards during dinner breaks and spends many hours in 'the refectory'
A level student - 'Oi, BTEC, do a real course you loser'

BTEC ICT student - 'Get fucked you horrible geek'
by gM_eats_jelly February 03, 2009
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In the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, ICT DustCloud Technology (DustCloud) is typically an ICT Cloud product that is announced to a potential customer, but does not yet exist nor may ever exist. Alternatively, it is also an ICT Cloud product announced as owned/branded and provided by an individual vendor, but actually on-sold/leased from another ICT Cloud provider, similar to the telecommunication services on-selling model.
Does this company own and operate its own ICT Cloud infrastructure, or are they an ICT DustCloud Technology (DustCloud) provider?

Does this company actually have ICT Cloud infrastructure and services, or is it simply ICT DustCloud Technology (DustCloud)?
by S.Mc, HN & WD March 10, 2016
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