A program entered by smart people, thinking they will get smarter by using words and textbooks that only the British use. This program eventually transforms a normal student into a stress-seeping, school-leeching vegetable, abandoning other supposed forms of life.
An inside all-purpose joke used by "candidates" of the IB program as a means of escaping said illusioned smartness.
ib stupid! ib smart! ib screwed! ib funny! ib screwed!
by Orion January 15, 2004
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People with a future
IB a geek today. IB your boss tomorrow.
by Noam Chomsky13 October 21, 2007
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The end of you're social life. What you will die from before Senior year due to the enormous amount of work, IA's, IB exams, and the dreaded EE aka Extended Essay. And i'm only in Pre-IB.

Kill me now.
AP kids. Don't even complain. You guys have nothing compared to us
IB kids: Smart enough to get in, dumb enough to stay in
by bean cup December 10, 2009
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A program that aims directly at destroying the hearts and souls of anyone that gets accepted. Although commonly thought to be a gifted program, all it does it teaches you how to have very high levels of stress. Some benefits of this program are that is teaches you that you can do a major project in one night if you put your mind to it
IB Student: "I just did my whole IA in one night."
Normal Student: "OMG, I had to write a THREE paragraph essay last night, school is so hard."
by Anonymous IB Student September 27, 2017
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Navy seal training equivalent of high school, except there is no hell week, only hell year.
Soldi- I mean, students, who go through this training are often masters of stealth, as they are no where to be found socializing. In relation to that, they are also equipped with knowledge on how to deal with being captured behind enemy lines, as they have mad BSing skills, and enough acting skills to hide the 30 mins of sleep they had last night.
Normal Student: Yeah, I went through 3 tours in high school, I served in the dash 1 regiment. How about you?
IB student: Special operations, IB division
by halogensarestable July 30, 2018
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In IB you can choose two from those three: Sleep, friends, good grades.
Dang, yesterday I went to bed at 4 because of IB
by Pepe the Meme and Frog September 30, 2019
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IB is the shitties school you can go to every time im in class i feel like killing myself , I wish I have never started in this shit, and they give us shit load of homework and assignments, and when I try my best in those assignments they always give me a bad grade like wtf do u want from me hoe.

so in conclusion Ib is a fucking bad school
person1: hey have u heard of ib.
person2: yeah isn't it that shit school with a lot bad teachers that has no life.
person1: YEAH that's about right.
by killtheibschool May 11, 2020
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