A way to lose brain cells, torture students, and give them a reason for suicide

All for the sake of "EDUCATION"!
Teacher A: So how should we torture our students today?
Teacher B: I know; just give them I-Ready(s)!

Because of this monstrosity, somewhere there is a student committing toaster bath.\
by choconekos July 10, 2019
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A website created by the government, that is used to brainwash and make kids think that learning is fun. The side effects of doing I ready are suicidal thoughts, mental disorders, trouble thinking, and loss of sanity. I ready is also commonly used as torture for the children that use it, and a source of entertainment for the teacher that assigns it.

If you have done I ready, or have been assigned it. It is suggested that you consult your local therapist as soon as possible to avoid the side-effects.
I-Ready: The true meaning of hell.

Story 1:
Corporate Slave A: Damn Josh today I'm having a rough day...
Corporate Slave B: Why don't we add a couple more 'encouraging' lesson on I ready?
Corporate Slave A: Man Josh your really the life of the party.

Story 2:
Student Slave A: Hey Chris tomorrow's the weekend, wanna play?
Student Slave C: Nah tomorrow I'm gonna jump off the roof of my house.
Student Slave B: Hey Chris can I join you too? I have some extra ropes from my project!
Student Slave Group: Oh you guys are gonna jump? We have a truck we're gonna drive off the side of the road.
Student Slave A: Wait what the hell, are you guys ok?
Student Slave Group: No we have I ready to do over the weekend. We were just thinking to end our suffering before it even starts.

Student Slave A: HOLY SHIT! I just realized I have I ready too, do you have room on that truck?

5 Years Later ----------
Slave to the government A: Didn't you heard about those group of students that committed suicide?
Slave to the government B: Oh yeah, poor kids! I wonder what made them wanna do it. :'(
Slave to the government A: Yeah... I wonder...
by The Relator November 5, 2020
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A fucking disgrace of a website meant to help you but all it does is make you want to flipping kermit sewer slide way more than you already do.

Teacher: Why arent you on I-Ready yet?

Me: Do you want to see a pre-mature death?
I-Ready, that one website that makes all students want to kill themselves.
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A useless piece of shit website that teachers assign to make students commit suicide, blow up their computer, and/or commit murder. This website may cause students to take LSD oh wait your practically on it if your using “I ready”. You might as well identify as a fork and throw your computer it’s no use.
Teacher: Time for iready.

Students: (takes out noose)..... die
I-Ready- makes students kill themselves and that makes teachers happy I guess
by It's ur mum saying this February 27, 2019
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A website that teaches you almost nothing, for example "teenagers" aka some 7 year olds are trying to figure out how to cut a cske in half NOW THAT THEY HAVE JOBS. I-Ready also has many nick names such as, Stupid.com and The Website Of Death and Creepy-Aliens-Teaching-You-How-To-Breath Website
I-Ready is a waste of time.
Nobody likes I-Ready.
I-Ready kills me inside.
by I-ReadyIsAWasteOfTime January 4, 2021
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The most discraful thing that humans can do. Teacher think it is all fun and take no time but irl I spend 5 hours catching up on it just for my grades to drop. Symptoms may include,Panic attacks, short attenchion span, lack of nolage, pre mature death penalty and or learning how to add 1+2
"Mom can u take me to the deepest well by that has a anvil"

"Why Honey"

"We have I-Ready tomorrow"

"Sure sweetie"
by I-Ready is a mother trucker December 2, 2020
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A website solely created to break children's' minds!
EX: lets I-Ready these kids!
by Jaff Lastname March 9, 2018
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