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A simple, but versatile phrase used to introduce a bad-ass possession, especially in a troublesome situation where said possession will have great effect. Also quite useful when you simply want to "one-up" someone by having a more bad-ass version of their object.

It is very important to speak the phrase slowly while emphasizing "this," because it sounds more bad-ass that way.

Originally used by Barry Burton in Resident Evil. After giving Jill ammo for a grenade launcher, Jill asks Barry what he has for a weapon. Barry responds "I have THIS!" while proudly raising his .357 Magnum Colt Python, which is both a bad-ass gun in the game and real life.
Barry: It's REALLY powerful, especially against living things! Better take it with you! *gives launcher ammo*

Jill: But how about you, Barry?

Barry: I have THIS! *raises Python*

Bob: I got this thirty of Budweiser. I'm gonna get more fucked up than you!

John: I doubt it, because I have THIS! *holds up bottle of Jägermeister*

Joe: Man, these fucking weeds out back are as big as trees! I can't even drive the mower INTO them, let alone MOW them!

Jeff: No problem, man. I have THIS! *activates flamethrower*
by Yeret July 12, 2015
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