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Mode of Transportation for middle - aged American Men wearing baseballcaps and poloshirts currently going through a phase known as a midd - life Crisis.
Guy1: Have you heard? Rogger just bought a Chevrolet Corvette!
Guy2: Wait, he is having his mid - life Crisis already?
by RiguRagu November 22, 2018
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A sentence used by a Woman with a Boyfriend. Is used when someone asks her out for a date but she doesn't want to go because she is loyal to her Boyfriend.

Can also be used by narcissistic women with a Boyfriend who think they are so much Better than everyone else that everytime a guy talks to her she thinks he wants to smash no matter who the guy is or why he talks to her.
Guy: Hi there! Can i buy you a Drink?
Girl: Thanks but i have a Boyfriend.

Guy: Good morning.
Girl: Sorry i have a Boyfriend

Guy: Hey, i think i found your...
Girl: Sorry i have a boyfriend.

Cop: Can i see your insurance and registration please.
Girl: Sorry i have a boyfriend
by RiguRagu November 13, 2018
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He's called Kevin because his name is Kevin.
It is advised to avoid contact with this individual because he is one Evil Feck.
Guy 1: Who's that?
Guy2: We call him Kevin
Guy1: Why?
Guy2: Because his name is Kevin.
by RiguRagu November 22, 2018
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