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One of the main characters from the first Resident Evil, Barry Burton had no idea that he would receive what is most likely the worst voice acting in all of video game history. His lines are so unfathomably corny it is nigh impossible not to laugh at them. What the creators of RE were thinking (or smoking, for that matter) at the time when they wrote his character has boggled the minds of fans and players for years.
"Hope this is not CHRIS'S BLOOD!!!!!!!" - Barry Burton
by whyamIdoingthis? May 16, 2010
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One of the supporting characters in Resident Evil. A by-product of poor script writing and shitty voice acting.
1. Announcer - "Barry Burton"
*barry looks at watch, time passes, he looks at camera and grunts*

2. god! Jill, here's a rope...for you! Oops, I dropped the rope! I'm so embarassed.... Wait! I'll get another one for! You!

3. Here, Jill, take this lockpick!!! It might come in, handy, for you! The master of unlocking!?!
by Frankie Mondat May 31, 2005
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