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Friend: Damn fool I'm on.
You: Cool what you smoke?
Friend: Purp yeaaaah
by thebaykidyaknoe February 09, 2010
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to commit adultery. more specifically with your ex in front of your girlfriends best friend after your girl friend has left

to pull an imon is to kiss or make out with someone other than your significant other then saying "i didn't mean to!"
Mcraerae: yea so i kissed a girl yesterday, it wasn't shenaynay.

Cleek: way to pull an Imon!
by hungerykid December 10, 2009
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Committing adultery on the night of a major high school dance. Furthermore, the culprit must do it with a freshman. The last qualification for cheating to be an "Imon" is it must be done in front of your current girlfriend's best friend. A common excuse for the action is "i wasn't getting anything," or "it was an accident."
Andy- Hey John, where is Dan?

John- Oh, he's trying to apologize to his girlfriend, she just caught him pulling an Imon.
by Andy Dallas November 21, 2010
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A nickname for girls called Iman. Imon is a cool nickname, and is related to an Ipod.

Ipod > Imon
Lizzie: Hey Imon! Whats up?
Iman: Hey, I'm great :D
by Iman-o January 22, 2007
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