You rock down to Electric Avenue for three reasons.

1) If there's violence in the street.
2) Lots of work to be done.
3) You can't blame all on the sun, oh no.
We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue, and then we'll take it higher!
by NickFriggin January 7, 2007
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When A girl swallows any electic cord then shits it out and pugs it into an outlit
Keith got electric avenued! but hes a guy...
by Jimmy the best August 18, 2011
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Metaphorically, where one's mind travels to when they get high from smoking marijuana.
Yo bro, i say we should rock down to electric avenue. You in?

Hell yeah homes! we got to take this shit to another level!
-(Pineapple Express)
by sheino February 9, 2009
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a cut were people go to smoke weed n listen to music or driving while smoking a blunt
John-ey yo u going to the first day of skool?
Chris-nah i rather go to electric avenue then school
by J-low 2 da glow August 26, 2009
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When you're taking a chick up the bum and you give her an electric shock (like from a tazer). Causes her to jump around and for the fella to get an extra buzz.
Shazza and I had an amazing electric avenue session last night.
by Ant from Hawaii 4-oh August 22, 2011
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