Something a person will say when they don't care what a person has to say. Phrase is most heavily used by people who are being talked to by a liberal or polititian. The phrase can be tracked as far as the year 1812s when the English told Americans that they are mean and need to give them thier land back. The Americans replied "I dont give a shit".
I don't you fully appreciate on how mass of a scale I dont give a shit.

"Dude I have hepititise c", "I don't give a shit".

"Hey man can I have a drink of your beer," "I don't give a shit".
by DUDE_JUST_ STFU March 07, 2017
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When you do a half ass job at work because you have no interest in it and have no passion because everything seems blah blah blah!
"I went to work and did a half ass job on everything and got fired! I don't give a shit!"
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by Seth Martin Dresser October 15, 2018
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I don't give a shit is a popular phrase to be used when you are not interested in what someone else says or believes. It implies that you don't even care enough to physically give them a sample of your fecal matter
"I don't give a shit for shit and other shit"
by Skybolt453 August 22, 2014
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