21 Savage's second full-length studio hip-hop album, the follow up to his debut album Issa Album is arguably his best full-length project to date. Despite his successful collaborative project with producer Metro Boomin Savage Mode, this album truly lived up to its name, 21 Savage is definitely showing his maturity, loyalty to his gang and the street life as well as his self-awareness on his album, making him undoubtedly greater than he was. The album received very positive critical acclaim and surprised the rapper's fan base with unexpected featuring artists such as J. Cole on the opening track, a lot.
I am > I was is definitely 21 Savage's best album, he explained why he has a 12 car garage and why he only has 6 cars. He's decided to buy 6 more cars. What a living legend.
by thebigpenis42069 January 16, 2019
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in the NYC metro area in the early eighties among high school students it was very common to double up when affirming what state of being you were in.....used much like "hella" now, it was used in the positive when kids were "feeling good"....said in a kind of Dr. Seuss like cadence......stoners also adopted it in a slower cadence....started among students of European descent, but eventually spread to all groups....
Are you drunk?
I am I am!
response: You are you are!

Are you free last period? I am I am!

Stoner: Hey buddy, are you baked? I am I am.......he is he is
by Bay Ridge guy January 24, 2013
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We might be gay lesbians fat or thin but I am who I am and You are Who You are
by AwesomeButGeeky246 February 25, 2015
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This expression can be used to tell that someone has no money. I am broke there means that there's no money. I have no bones means that there's also no money. Bones means money in American Slang.
by Nabeel, January 15, 2008
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When you have nothing else to do but scream out Tik Tok songs until you die.
"Hey Jake, what you doin?" "Who am I!? Who am I!? What are you even saying!? Im the loser of the game you didnt know you were playing! Lets play another game! This time I get to win! Life on the line! Winner takes all! Ready or not!? Lets begiiin!!" "So no head?"
by NillyChatterBox October 21, 2019
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The opposite of the widely known, stupid comeback, This will usaully get your offendor to say something stupid about themselves.
Person 1: You suck eggs!

Person 2: I know I am but what are you?

Person 1: A dipwad.

Person 2: Exactly
by Vale74 November 25, 2010
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