Sir Savage the 21st . A true british lad who enjoys his crumpets with a cup of lean tea. One of grime's finest. Many say he's from the US, but that chap is British. He's working on a new album titled "Issa Visa" featuring the Queen. An absolute madlad.
21 Savage: Oi guv'nor u finaully found out me secret eh ?
by MusicIsCoolIGuess February 5, 2019
a famous american rapper thought to formerly be an Atlanta nigga, but is British, which twitter is milking the fuck out of making funny ass memes y'all should go look at them

Synonyms: Sir Savage the 21st
"sksksksk y'all see that new 21 Savage meme on twitter?"
by 6itch February 6, 2019
Rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. Best known for his mixtapes, "The Slaughter Tape" and "Slaughter King".
- Yo, 21 Savage is dope af!
- I know man, especially "No Heart".
by doughboy65 November 13, 2016
Rapper born in Atlanta, Georgia. He is best known for his mixtapes, namely "The Slaughter Tape" and "Slaughter King".
- Have you heard of 21 Savage?
- Yea man, he's dope.
by doughboy65 November 13, 2016
An Atlanta rapper known for his songs "X" and "No Heart"
Dude 1: Who is that rapper with the cross tattoo on his forehead?

Dude 2: 21 Savage
by Futurenese November 20, 2016
A rapper raised in Atlanta but born in the U.K. Yeah that’s right born in fucken London. That bastard fooled us all and made us think he was one of us talking he was a spy all along.
21 Savage doesn’t sip syrup wit his niggas he sips tea with his mates.
by ISSAH KNIFE MADE IN THE UK February 6, 2019
the almighty king of Milton Keynes. we shall all bow down to our lord and saviour and pray that he shall visit the gracious town of Skelmersdale . god save 21 savage
jesus Mufasa wasn't expecting 21 savage to be from the MK!
by megatron765 February 5, 2019