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What George Floyd said when an officer was chocking him by putting his knee on him.
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by RSapphire June 01, 2020
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the word that black people now yell when a police officer touches them and can breathe just fine

I am not racist I have seen a lot of instance of people yelling this when they can breathe just fine
the black woman was yelling I can't breath when the police officer was putting handcuffs on her.
by don't question me October 28, 2020
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Thats what a black man said before the crazy cop killed him...This black man had 5 criminal records,but this doesnt justify his death.However it was no racism ,the cop had mental illness or whatever.Stop looting the fucking stores and listening to Billie Eilish etc.. Moreover all lives matter you dumbass
Normal person:*made a poster and peacefully stands on the street protesting.
Brainless i cant breath person:-Ahhh, a new pair of shoes.Nice
by Qw3elTheSeal June 12, 2020
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