Geraint is one sexy son of a bitch that is oftenly mistaken for the second-coming of Jesus. Though the Greek roots of Geraint is 'Geron' (meaning old), Geraint will always look half his age. Legend has it that Geraint can make any girl weak at the knees with a simple smile. Some say he has three legs. Others say he has an insanely large cock.
"Dude, is that Jesus levitating?!"
"Nah, bro. That ain't Jayman. That's some guy with a third leg."
"That's no leg, man... That guy must be a Geraint."
by NotGeraint November 14, 2013
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A specimen of extreme power who will anhialate anyone in his way. He will anhialate many other specimen of the coloured type aswell as some of the camp type
When I was on the computer in the common room Dan (camp type) was robbing my catchphrase so he was anhialated through the roof. Thus Geraint had shown his true power
by Daniel George November 22, 2007
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Geraint,is often the word that people use to decribe a bumlick.He has a limited selection of clothes and doesn't often wash.Another common feature of a Geraint is to often not where underwear.
steven:why is that boy following us.

Jacob:I don't no but he smells like shit.

Steven:What a Geraint

by Tony Blessingson March 23, 2009
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A welsh fat guy also known as Cai Williams but his real name is geraint love to smoke cigs in his car with food.
by geraints nan April 23, 2019
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A Welsh name, meaning old man, belonging to me.
Geraint likes to say Tzonga
by Geraint Thomas April 16, 2004
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a nonceulating rabbit
a rabbit that nonculates
by geraint December 2, 2003
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Abandon friends for your own lift home; without telling anybody.
Don't tell anyone, but we're going for a Sneaky Geraint.
by LouisNJacko April 4, 2011
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