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One with an urge to flood things. Opposite of a Pyromaniac.
The disgruntled janitor flooded the school Gym, just cuz he's a hydromaniac.
by PK February 09, 2004
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Word used to describe a person who is obsessed with water and the damage it causes. The arch enemy of a pyromaniac, the hydromaniac uses water to enetrtain himself by killing/injuring/destroying things, animals and people with the use of the allmighty H2O
Did you see all the floods in Asia? I think God is a hydromaniac.
by JtothaC March 12, 2005
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A hydromaniac is a person who is fascinated by water, intensely attracted to water, or loves to play in water.
a child who wants to go swimming every day of the week is a hydromanic.

A child who wants to swim for five or more hours at a time is also a hydromaniac.
by Robert Paul Singleton May 29, 2006
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