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1. When a lawyers group, in an effort to gain attention and money from illegal downloads sends out mass lawsuit settlement letters to try and recoup cash for the production companies and to gain media notoriety.

2. A scare tactic where lawyers send out settlement letters to collect massive amounts of money from illegal downloaders. Generally starting at $15,000-20,000 and then accepting $1500-2500 for the settlement.

3. The nervous or sick feeling you get when you receive a settlement letter from lawyers notifying you that you were caught illegally downloading files and you own them tens of thousands of dollars.

4. A tactic lawyers came up with to recoup lost earnings made famous by the movie the Academy Award winning film, The Hurt Locker.
I got a letter from this law firm telling me they got my IP address from my provider and were suing me for $20,000 dollars!

I thought I was gonna die I was so freaked out.

I ended getting Hurt Lockered for $1500 in the end after settlement.
by richardslinger September 09, 2010
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