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1.n.An excellent board game for 2-4 players. It follows a specific and detailed set of rules using - along with other things - playing pieces, dice, playing cards, poker chips, Humoing action cards and, of course, Humo. Traditionally Humoing is given to Joel for his 18th birthday. Joel has a number of nicknames, namely Box and Air Tasking Order Express. Happy birthday, Joel.
2.n.Typo for the word 'humping'.
1."Yo, my brother from a number mother! How about a game of Humoing?"
2."Oh my god Floss is totally humoing that Jamaican guy right now. I can hear them from the lounge room. Gross... Oh wait, did I say-?... I said 'humoing', didn't I? I meant humping.*Everyone laughs*"
by Gand1 Maddixous April 25, 2006
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