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The act of three people engaged in the act of eating the butthole of the person in front of them. The person in front is known as position 1, with the numbers increasing down the line. More than three people is possible, but is strong discouraged.
It was good, until the other three people started human centipeding all over the place.
by thisistotallynotmyname April 27, 2011
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Farting directly onto someoneโ€™s face with your asshole adjacent to their mouth hole
Troy fell asleep on the bench, so Wade woke him up by straddling his face and human centipeding him so that he would hear, smell and taste the nastiness. That was one fart heโ€™ll never forget!!!
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by Schtuff April 02, 2018
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When your main bitch bails on you before a date when they agreed to do your makeup, sealing your fate like the surgeon in this popular film sealed one mouth to one rectum.
Brethany: hey r u on ur way? ;)
Anicunt: gurrrrrrl, I cant make it beeeech. Yโ€™all gotta do yo own make up 2nite
Brethany: (to herself) damn that bitch is human centipeding me :(
by happyanus July 09, 2018
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