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A generic alternative to Netflix and chill. Though Netflix and chill is a euphemism for sex, Hulu and relax is actually watching Hulu but complaining to your significant other/booty call about the mainstream popularity of Netflix.
Person 1: What are you doing this weekend?

Person: *sighs* We're going to watch Hulu and relax
by Ubiquitous Jackson October 21, 2015
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For those who don't have the money for Netflix they switch to Hulu and the action of asking one of the opposite sex to come watch Hulu and Relax is that of having sex and Hulu playing in the background.
"Hey wanna come watch some Hulu and Relax"

"Ya sure as long as it's not Netflix and Chill"
"Don't worry I have Hulu"
by Quinnabro October 03, 2015
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After people began to catch on that the slang term "Netflix and Chill" meant sexual activity. People replaced it with "Hulu and Relax", a little bit of a joke and a little bit serious. Its used in away so you discussion of sexual activity is watered down and isn't obvious.
Jack: Hey sarah wanna come over for Hulu and Relax?
Jill: Oh yeah I'll be right over.
Jack: Alright I'm getting horny already.
by Mushroompizza1 October 01, 2015
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Hulu and relax is the next step in a relationship because Netflix and and Chill hasn't developed into anything sexual so the couple switches to Hulu and relax in order to fuck each other because they each know Netflix and chill isn't working out.
Guy: We should Netflix and chill tonight.
Girl: I think we are ready to Hulu and relax.
by MrGoldz January 16, 2016
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