So easy to fall in love with Hughy.. He makes you laugh when your trying to be mad at him, and gives you the cutest kisses on the forhead. hes very loyal and a genuine guy. He knows how to please women in bed , He will tell you the truth, and is very truthful with anything you ask. Hes amazing so don't ever give a Hughy up. they are the best thing you"ll ever have..
; Hughy is the best boyfriend anyone can ever have, dont let em' go.
by TopDawgEnt123 November 23, 2021
Hughie is a fun,cool,handsome boy who will try make anyone laugh or smile and will mainly succeed. He is kind hearted and loveable and you would be very lucky to know a hughie.
Girl 1:OMG! It’s hughie.
Girl 2:he looks so handsome.
by Michealc January 21, 2021
An incredibly huff kid who shoplifts from Jewel, Dominicks, and other large grocery stores. He is too huff to look at. Beware!
A: Yo is that Hughie?

B: Yea. look hes walking out of jewel with a 2 liter pepsi and some chips

C: what a tard!
by Slum Dogg March 20, 2011
To be Hughie is to be unique to yourself. There may be other Hughie's but none are the same as you are, despite being brilliant in their own rights. Never one to be forgotten but never to everyones tastes. A soul-mate for those who understand but an annoyance to those who dont
Your not a guy or a girl, your a Hughie
by Winnie the Hugh May 8, 2005
A caring and loving person who comes from Alabama that generally goes for family members. He is normally very cool and sweet to hang out with but is sometimes a little bit retarded sometimes comes with a small hand.
Dude have you seen Hughie's hand?

Yes! It's so cool
by grizlyyy_247 April 8, 2019
Hughie is such a huge simp he is almost as big as a simp as duke
Here comes hughie simp again...
by bigfriendlybear November 9, 2020
causing a process to take longer than reasonably expected
the delivery took 8 weeks longer than expected due to the hughy factor
by Rumya March 17, 2017