Hugh, a friendly and charismatic male, who is usually a pleasure to be around, though has there moments.

A Hugh might have times where he is unhappy and assaults his friends, though also has his moments where he is as happy as Larry.

Hugh is also very protective, and will always back his mates up, he is always very lost and wonders, so be sure to keep your eye on him.

A Hugh is very aggressive.

A Hugh may also be uncertain on things, and wont let you have your word in and explain the situation, therefore, he doubts what you say and believes he is always right, he will be willing to give you a second chance, when he finds out the truth, but will still believe he is right, even after all evidence is proven.

A Hugh loves to party, though not as hard as the people around him, he is very observant and is always willing to try new things.

Hugh is one to hold grudges even over the littlest thing in life, though that's why we love him.
Marcus: "Hugh, could I have a chip?"
Hugh: "Yeh sure."

Hugh hands Marcus a chip... followed by Hugh punching Marcus

Marcus: "What was that for?"
Hugh: "I dunno!"

John sees Hugh coming in the distance, Hugh then assaults John and walks off.
by onefiftha October 18, 2011
A Hugh is a person who's penis is over eight inches. This type of person would normally be tall because of the large testosterone levels in their body. because of such high levels they are able to be very tall ,fit and grow a penis that is over eight inches.
god Hugh i love your nine inch penis.
by asd111 January 24, 2011
wow, look at that, that is so hugh
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
Unit of measure: A Hughes . The amount of goodness per minute exuded by an object or event. Stars contain 16.9x10^27 Hughes per mole of Hydrogen. Our sun will deplete all its fusible Hydrogen and still have enough Hughes remaining to provide goodness to the earth for almost a billion years.
Usage: That party was so much fun last night, there was a shit ton of Hughes.
by Mark p west December 25, 2018
Hugh is the funniest person you will ever meet, even if you don't meet them in real life. No matter the situation they will always find a way to make you smile. They are romantic and sweet, they know exactly how to make you feel special and loved. Falling for them may be hard sometimes but I assure you it's worth it. Sometimes they can be overly horny but I guess thats just "Hugh" for you.

If you ever find a Hugh, try to keep him for as long as possible. They really are a special breed.

Let's not forget how they probably have a goatee.

Hugh is a special lad, we love a good Hugh. Everyone wants a Hugh even though they can be very weird, but that's just more the reason to love them.
"Wow, isn't Hugh just great?" "I can't seem to get Hugh off of my mind"
by efabgkfeh4hnfwrghrwiig December 3, 2019
an 11-year-old boy who has a huge cock and can ejaculate he can get any girl to blow him even when he is 11 years old
11-year old who has a huge cock.

Definition Hugh
by CHXNReloaded November 3, 2019