Two words put together. Hug and High five. It mean hugging someone with one hand and high five with another one. Use as compliment, celebration..ect
I gave someone a hugh today.

Gave me a hugh!!!!
You get the idea simple but awesome word
by vietpride14 September 2, 2009
Hugh the most perfect person in the class so much better than Hanad. He is perfect material for a man all the the kids want to partner up with him in class
Hugh you wanna hang out at my place
bruh you have no clout, no
by hanad garad September 24, 2019
Adj. Being or acting like a huge dick, being rude, not knowing anything.
Asking a Japanesse kid if he has no life because he can solve a rubix cube is being a Hughes.
by cut'em January 17, 2007
a very lovely hughman. tall. stunning. snazzy. sophisticated. classy. handsome.
hugh Hugh Hugh Hugh Hugh Hugh hugh
by snazzyapples November 28, 2019
Knowing a Hugh is awesome. He’s white and try’s to play basketball but since he’s white he cant play basketball
Wow i know a Hugh. 1v1 me, hehe i won because your white and cant play basketball
by brush seriously tho January 15, 2020