A beautiful girl that you can't take your eyes off whenever you see her. She also has an amazing personality, and is always there for you no matter what. You always want to spend time with a hughes
my Hughes is the best and im happy i get to see her this weekend
by nonono177 October 19, 2010
A sexy mother fucker who is kinda a dick at times but is really funny.
The word means a funny,lil bitch,who will stab you one day and a sexy beast.
by It’syourboycodyman February 20, 2018
A boys name. He is a bit dumb but is good at lots of sports. He has lots of friends and lives on a farm. He has blonde curly hair.
You should have bicycled that Hugh!
by Fish Monger Boi November 19, 2019
A person suffering from an immensely damaging state of retardation and sheer stupidity. Some symptoms include: screaming at computers, attempting to ALT+F4 a head of lettuce, mindless defragmentation of computers.
by omgwtfbbq April 18, 2004
Something instead of using the word who, you, or anything that ends in o.
"How are Hugh today"
"Im good thank Hugh"
by Hugh-Kosher-Chich November 8, 2011
An obscure homosapien who appears in the back of all family and wedding photographs, no matter what the year may be.
Often considered to be a walking love shack who whines and criticizes the singing process. Generally, a well-liked asshole with spritely blond hair.
Person #1: "Who's that talkative asshole in the back of your grandmother's 1935 thanksgiving photograph?"

Person #2: "Oh, that's just Hugh!"
by Niky O'Boy October 19, 2013
A person who has the appearance of a paedophile.
Fuck look at that Hugh... Quickly put little Jonathon back in the car before he tries to fuck him
by sluttybojangols August 5, 2012