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A town in Houston, Texas, referred to by locals as "Hicktown." There are many dirt roads and cows. There is an entirety of four restaurants. Rumors can be spread from one end of the Huffman to the other in .035454378536 seconds. People run track through the corn fields. Everyone knows everything about everyone, but theres not much else to do except talk about other people. The town where the ball park is a challenge.
"Have you heard of Huffman?" "...No."
by Shaniqua Jacquez May 21, 2006
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town of many opportunities in a small community. friendly little hicktown connected only by the Lake Houston Bridge.
There are no corn fields, but there are cow pastures where an overwhelming abundance of shrooms are in reach. Our cops smoke weed, our teachers are sluts, our schools are big, our corner store is a drive though, our dollar stores are in walking distance and our parties are outrageous. we're finally on the map and we're only gonna get bigger, so watch out for your town, we here to take over Nigga!!
"Did you hit up that party 'cross the bridge in Huffman?"

"Yeah dude, that shit was craaaaaaaaaaazy!"

"You gointa (going to) Chad and Kim's party tonight?"

"Ohhh hells yeah! I'll be the first one there!"
by lil dragon January 06, 2007
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Word for annoying, incesty, redneck that everyone has down the street. Usually found in the south.
"Tickle my butthole, Brandi!" Says Mr. Huffman to his daughter.
by HellraiserMcGee July 29, 2011
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