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The definition of beached whale. She parks in handicapped spots with her giant ass truck, even though being morbidly obese doesn't count. She and her her bitch counterpart, Mrs. Huffman believe technology is the definition of Satan, EVEN THOUGH SHE USES HER GODDAMN PHONE IN FRONT OF THE STUDENTS. If you use your phone, you don't need to worry about Mrs. Mijuskovic, because you hear her from motherfucking China coming down the hallway. But be aware, Mrs. Huffman is always sneaking around and hiding behind the fat that ensues! If you go to Viera High School , do your best to call her out on her actions and film it. Maybe it'll get this hypocritical cancer out of the school.
Look out! Mrs. Mijuskovic is coming!
*Pictures fall off wall*
*Eats phone*
by KaBoom February 14, 2014
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