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someone who has snakebites,
anime hair, wears band tees,
likes bananas,strawberries,
cherries, grapes, and apples,
but especially bananas,
and says stuff like
cunt catcher and
penis lollipops
she's such a fuckin' huffin.
by Gaby. February 10, 2008
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When the upper portion of a woman's boob resembles the top of a muffin, usually caused by an ill fitting bra, or the act of being slutty. A hooter-muffin, i.e a huffin.
Dude, whenever I make your mom wear your sisters bra, she always gets huffins.
by ripper0805 August 01, 2008
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A huffin is a small, nocturnal mammal that has sexual intercourse with anything it sees when the sudden urge strikes. Huffins have been spotted humping trees, squirls, frogs, people, bee hives, and anything else that looked like an open hole.
Man, that HUFFIN fucked the shit out of that thing. I mean, its a sex machine.
by Professor Robert Dicklycker April 18, 2004
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i was huffin some meth with my guy friends last night then we fucked
by jayde December 20, 2004
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