The worst watch brand in the world.
That Hublot is ugly.
by Hublotistrash February 22, 2021
A watch brand for people with more money than sense

This is a fashion watch brand with shit complications

Would you pay £10 k for a Daniel Wellington? No you wouldn't , so why would you buy a Hublot

Man up and buy Rolex/Patek Phillipe/AP/Richard Mille/Omega
James : hey Nico do you like my Hublot?

Nico : Fuck off with your shit watch you fat retard

James : ok
by Astudent6942084 October 5, 2021
A swiss high end watch maker. Hublot's most common watch - the Big Bang, is mostly owned by big ballers. Sadly, it is commonly replicated, therefore tools buy the replica to try to look cool.
Random Guy: Is that a Hublot?

Me: Yes.

Random Guy: Damn son, your the big baller swag.

Me: I know.
by That one baller September 18, 2013
Fisting whilst wearing a watch
1) Wow her ass was so loose I almost lost my watch , she's not getting The Hublot again
2) I went so deep with The Hublot when she opened her mouth you could tell the time .
3) I asked my wife " What do you want for xmas ?"

"A Hublot " she replied .

$10k for a watch , that bitch is dreaming .The anal sex has dried up and I can't remember the last BJ I had . So I went out

and bought a $10 watch and a jar of Crisco .On xmas day I snuck out of bed ,put on my new watch and put my hand in

the jar of Crisco .She woke up screaming with my fist up her arse and I said "Merry xmas darling , here is The Hublot you

by Swiss gent October 31, 2018