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Simply: a Smartass. Smart af but an ass too!
Hritik is part of the 3 smartasses
by RomioneWeasley October 24, 2017
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Disgusting in every way imaginably possible, someone who is extremely bipolar, arrogant, obsessive and a psychopath. Someone you would regret ever conversing with, basically a huge pain in the ass.

A Hritik would try to destroy your life and make it as pathetic and miserable as his/her own, it is advised to stay as far as possible from a Hritik and to take severe precautions to never come across a Hritik. Given the circumstances, if you ever encounter a Hritik, do proceed to avoid eye contact and move as quickly as possible so that you don't inhale the toxic fumes of inflated ego.
Stop being such a Hritik, ew.

If you're going to be a Hritik about it then this is over.
by yourkhushi June 10, 2018
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