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Sourav in Bengali, means a damn good scent!
It's pronounced "Showw"+"Rauve"

When properly pronounced, it brings out the hidden and deepest of baritones in a man and the sheer sweetness of voice in the woman and when you reach the second syllable, you love it because it sounds so sensual and you know that you are in love with your own voice. That's just the start!

But imagine if you love yourself when you say the name, how can you not continue. Try saying it before reading.
A common name I admit but each person is unique.
A burning rage inside and kindness in his eyes form such a dynamic balance that you might want to be there and see his both sides. He know one thing - Thats respect. And he fears none.
At a date, he'll probably stare at you in such a way that you'd feel blessed. A bit flirty, for sure, he is not your average chump. He is old fashioned the scent his name personifies might be that damp musky scent (with more than a hint of sweat after a hard day's work )women die for or the smell of old vinyls , classic barbershops or sawdust.

A Sourav cares for his family but he is a bit hot-headed at times. He is eternally curious and helpful to the t.

He is a keeper. But on the hindsight, once gone, he is hard to get. A rare breed I tell you
In Bengali, they say "Golaper sourav bhenshe asche, kemon matano ekta gondho!"
It translates to I am getting drunk in that beautiful scent of the rose.

You may or may not date a Sourav in your life.
But if you find one, hold him close. 🙂
by 100god May 22, 2018
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"Sourav, I didn't want to tell you this in person, but when he gets out of high school, JUST GO!"
by sourav February 27, 2004
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A handsome man who is smart, sexy, wise, and superior to others in all ways. He seeks greatness, and although he may have to overcome obstacles, he always comes out on top. He is very good in bed and can be seen trying to improve himself in all ways constantly.

In translation from Sanskrit, Sourav means ahead of everyone.
I want to be a Sourav when I grow up!
by TheUltimate01 August 06, 2019
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