"Howzat" is what is now commenly used to "appeal" in cricket. A fielder will appeal if they think the batsman is out. The fielder has to ask the Umpire (Referee) "How is that?" before the Umpire will give a decision. However most players know scream it at the top of their lungs so it sounds like Howzat
Also known as "Asking the question"
(Batsman hits ball to fielder)
Fielder: "Howzat!"
by Son Of Ronin August 06, 2004
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'Howzat' is an appeal in cricket. Before a batsmen is given out, technically at least one person in the fieliding team must appeal. After an appeal the umpire will give a decision as to whether a batsmen is out, or go to the third umpire if he is unsure on 'line' decisions - namely run-outs, stumpings, and whether a catch is legitimate.
*batsmen nicks the ball to the wicket-keeper*
bowler, keeper and close-in fielders: HOWZAT
*umpire raises finger* - signifying the batsmen is out.
by Ranga O_o December 15, 2009
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When a cricketer catches a ball or calls for LBW he yells HOWZAT in the top of his voice.
He bowles the ball, it has been hit high, --- HOWZAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Mikeyman March 19, 2003
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Interrogatory phrase expressing confusion and implying that something is seriously amiss.

Downton Abbey is still on the air, along with American Idol and that Gilligan's Island contest.

by gnostic 1 February 09, 2013
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