(N.) A serious contender for "Worse Movie of the Year." Tied with From Justin To Kelly, Kangaroo Jack, and The Hulk. Almost made me quit my hard to get job. (www.thebridgecinema.com/)
Let's all get some Pitchforks and Torches and kill that 40 foot bitch, Mandy Moore! Who's with me? All right! Her next movie is going to be "How to Deal, with an Angry Mob!"
by G-Union July 28, 2003
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When you have a boner and your in public you should put it under your waistband and it will go away without anyone knowing you had one.
by Olbert enstun May 2, 2022
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You Cant...Its Impossible...Theres Nothing You Can Do...Just Forget About Him/Her...Don't Trust Anyone You Care For...Even If You've Known Them For A Long Time...I Should Know...
Misty: He Broke Up With Me
Random Person: Im Sorry, Forget About Him...Look Up How To Deal With A Break Up..
by MyBoyfriendBrokeMyHeart1018 January 10, 2018
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