hilarious british comedian from bolton, amazing at stand-up, should be given a...nobel prize or somethin???
1. gaaaaarlic...........bread????
2. booked it, packed it, fucked off
3. im not homophobic - im not scared of my house!
by molly January 7, 2005
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simply a ledgend. the best british comedian ever from bolton.
'gaaaaaaarlic bread'
by hannah March 18, 2004
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the ultimate legend! do you know any one else from bolton who can get more then 1 person in a room to laugh with them and not at them!

"you mean garlic...... and bread!"

"gaaaaaaaarlic bread!"
by sausage fingas May 8, 2005
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funniest man ever to walk the earth!! pheonix nights is comic genius!! ive nevr laughd so much in my life!!
rolla cola
by nancy January 3, 2005
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when disguised as Brian Potter, Max or Pady, this man is funny. when being Peter Kay he is simply a smug, Amarillo-miming tosspiece. constantly sweating, Kay's head and face are always shining like a little sweat beacon. although i hate the man, some of the stuff he has written is funny. see below...
"3995? call it 4 grand!"
"can y'ear me know?!"
"jerry 'the berry'... berry!"
by failure33object April 24, 2005
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on all levels, a comedy genius who spawned TV shoes such as "That Peter Kay Thing" and "Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights." Also a classy stand-up comedian
"Shitting crikey Peter Kay was good at the top of the tower last night"
by John-O October 28, 2003
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