Pick up line originated from the character "Joey" on the famous NYC based TV show "Friends"
by AK March 14, 2003
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Pick-up line that never fails unless it's truely responded to.
Guy #1 "How YOU doin'?"
Girl #1 "tehe!"

Guy #2 "How YOU doin'?"
Girl #2 "I'm alright."
Guy #2 "What?..... Dear GOD!!"
by ellipsisO December 11, 2003
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(exp.) 1. A phrase, originating in New York, used as a combination greeting, response to itself, question of welfare, response to FOGEDDABODDIT!, and response to YOU TALKIN' TA ME?.
"'ey. How YOU doin'?" "How YOU doin'?" "FOGEDDABODDIT!"
by Razukin December 2, 2002
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How YOU doin'? is a classic punchline to a mysterious, unknown joke. Said by George Costanza on the Classic 2010's sitcom "Cheers"
"... How YOU Doin'?"(George Costanza, How I Met Your Mother." See Suit up!
by Cjwhogue March 2, 2016
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A quite funny pick-up line often used by joey from friends when he sees a women he likes.
A hot women walks past Joey
Joey: *sees a women he likes* walks up to her 'How you doin?"
by HabDan January 4, 2009
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A popular phrase coined by radio DJ and tv personality, Wendy Williams. How You Doin?! is not only a greeting of the show, but when something or someone is very gay.
Jordan *Very feminine and flamboyant*: Hey miss honey, what's goin on sweetness?!

Kalisha: How you doin?!?!
by Tyrell Jenkins October 15, 2006
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