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i'll fuck ur mom (in Armenian)
i'll fuck ur mom - yes bidi mayrt kounem .
by AK August 27, 2003
1.Who that?
2.Hello (greeting)
by AK October 9, 2003
Something Ryan Francis says
we know Ryan we know...
by AK April 17, 2003
last night i fucked her right after she gave me sloppy 3rd.
by AK November 15, 2003
Dancin real close, so close dat a girl can feel tha guy's dick,wheater its hard or not. When people are gridin tha girl is usually shakin her ass real nice n they dance in a rhythm togetha.
I'm so glad I went to dat new club, I was grindin wit dis hot boy.
by AK March 30, 2003
He started baggin' up when his friend tripped and fell in some mud
by AK July 22, 2003
n. Synonym of Semen or Cum. Can be used for many sayings. Just replace the word Semen, Cum, or Yogurt.
"Shut the fuck up Joe you pile of Cockpuke!"
"Dude, you know how much Cockpuke that bitch stores in her stomach?"
"I would rather drink a warm bucket of Cockpuke."
by AK November 10, 2004