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Bavarian Motor Works! The illest car company ever! All I have to say is this, have you seen the new M5? Thank you.
Yo! When I grow up, I wanna be pimpim around in an M5!
by AK March 14, 2005

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The sickest state that I have ever been in. Hot girls, hot cars, hot beaches! What more can you ask for?
New Jersey is KILLER!
by AK August 08, 2004

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Pick up line originated from the character "Joey" on the famous NYC based TV show "Friends"
"Hey, how YOU doin'......"
by AK March 14, 2003

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Dancin real close, so close dat a girl can feel tha guy's dick,wheater its hard or not. When people are gridin tha girl is usually shakin her ass real nice n they dance in a rhythm togetha.
I'm so glad I went to dat new club, I was grindin wit dis hot boy.
by AK March 30, 2003

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The funniest comedien to date. Has a book called Chris Rock "Rock This". Chris Rock Never Scared was one of his best skits. He's ill.
Chris Rock "Rock This" was the funniest books ever. READ IT!
by AK February 24, 2005

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To converse about a subject in an enthusiastic manner.
The man was so excited, he began to wax lyrical about his wife's new breasts.
by AK May 10, 2004

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Someone who participates in licking of ass.
Man ryan Francis is such an ass licker!
by AK April 02, 2003

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