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n. Synonym of Semen or Cum. Can be used for many sayings. Just replace the word Semen, Cum, or Yogurt.
"Shut the fuck up Joe you pile of Cockpuke!"
"Dude, you know how much Cockpuke that bitch stores in her stomach?"
"I would rather drink a warm bucket of Cockpuke."
by AK November 10, 2004
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the wrong way of spelling conrade this is often mispelt by people.

a term often used by communist wannabes spelled in an archaic language
Though Felix , the wannabe air cadet, would pass as a communist in speech. He'd fail in typing when referring to Mao as "conrade" because he clearly cant spell.
by AK March 08, 2005
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The funniest comedien to date. Has a book called Chris Rock "Rock This". Chris Rock Never Scared was one of his best skits. He's ill.
Chris Rock "Rock This" was the funniest books ever. READ IT!
by AK February 24, 2005
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Someone who participates in licking of ass.
Man ryan Francis is such an ass licker!
by AK April 02, 2003
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The sickest state that I have ever been in. Hot girls, hot cars, hot beaches! What more can you ask for?
New Jersey is KILLER!
by AK August 08, 2004
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A very rich and populated city in New Jersey. Home to the amazing cars and hot girls!
by AK August 08, 2004
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