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Sassy, Smart, Talented, Funny, Colorful, One of a kind, Gorgeous, Stylish Woman.
I was so jealous of that Kalisha because she is so fabulous.
by rablawkph February 12, 2010
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She is the most gorgous girl in the whole entire world. She has no flaws, nothing is wrong with her. She is literaly perfect. She has great boobs and an amazing bikini body. Usally light brown haird but can be a stuning blond. Her Sexy body tempts any man. She is so sexy and hot and cute and damn right perfect. Every part of her body is extreamly hot and every man wants her bad. In bed she can be a little rebelious and go straight for it. Her naughty side would turn and normal man on. She has tan legs that go on for ever and she loves the beach. The sand, surf and hot guys is her thing. She is the best dresed at any event and always takes pride in her appearance but always puts a sexy twist to it. The thing that makes her special is that she can also be an amazing freind, one who can listen, help and overall be there for you. She is amazing and she is not big headed because she has no idea how amazing she is. Every one in the world wants to be her or wants to do her. She also has the best sense of humor in the world she would make you laugh no matter what. With out her there is no fun, party or no meaning of life. If you ever meet her your one lucky person... she will love you forever. She is the Goddess of Fun and Life.
Hot Guy: "Did you see how kind Kalisha was."
Hotter Guy: " Yeah but did you see how sexy she was."
by Kevin JJJJJ December 10, 2011
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