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A self-balancing scooter that is typically used by douche bags, viners or both. The scooters are most commonly called "hoverboards" but they also go by names such as Glidrs, Swegways, or IO Hawk boards due to the leading brand that sells the boards named IO Hawk. The boards are called "hoverboards" contradicting the fact that the boards have wheels and don't hover much at all. They are expensive, ranging from $200-$700 so rich white kids who want to live in the future can ride them around once a month.
"Yo dude did you see Logan's hoverboard?!"
"Yeah man it's dope, when my dad gets his next paycheck, he's ganna get one for everyone in my family!"
"Sick tits bro, i'm ganna go watch vine now!"
by AidanTheHill123 January 24, 2016
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A super rad board that hovers above the ground. Like a hovering skateboard! Most notably seen in Back to the Future 2, the hoverboard has become more than a myth than anything at this point. However with new scientific advancements it seems more and more likely that maybe someday we will get a hoverboard.
The idea of a hoverboard one day existing keeps me alive.
by 1m3b October 17, 2014
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A piece of shit that can't hover but can only stay on two wheels and blow up
My Hoverboard can't hover but it can set my house on fire my exploding
by EpicGuyDerDictionary November 01, 2016
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a NON-floating board, just like a segway, but without the steering wheel.
the c*** who named it "hoverboard" can just simply f*** himself.
lol, look at that fgt with his hoverboard XD, lets throw rocks at him cuz its gay.
by ayy lmao XD September 03, 2016
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a self balancing scooter , that are a lot of money and a lot of people like them
woo that is cool it must be a hoverboard
by megodme April 26, 2016
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