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The equivalent to doggy style. Or a common dance where one member places his or her hands on the ground and another member works it hard from behind
Lil:yo cece you know you wanna be me- who wouldnt with lyrics so sick- people call me ill but stick the I in the middle- cuz im LIL i got booty and the boys wanna grab it- look but dont touch cuz they cant have it i got enough booty to make the world go round- and the boys see it and they think "hound pound"
by Phroom September 26, 2009
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Website launched with Governor Rendell panting for approval from PA Pennsylvania voters for unity in the democratic party.

1. I am Deputy Dog from the county hound pound and that website is for the ugly dogs.
2. There is no unity in the democratic party, it has gone to the "dogs" at the hound pound.
by HOUND POUND July 10, 2008
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