Also known as yiff, furry porn is a popular porn category which depicts anthros or human/ultra humanoid animal characters. Generally it’s harmless and completely unrelated to zoophilia.

Porn of non-human/anthro fictional animals is called feral porn. Furry porn is to feral porn as hentai is to loli porn.
Ignorant Individual: “Furries are zoophiles! They’re getting off to something that’s animal-based!”

Furry: “Not all furries are sexual, but even so, zoophilia refers to actual, non-human animals. By definition you’re wrong. And humans are based on apes? There’s nothing immoral or zoophilic about furry porn.”
by susssybaka March 15, 2021
Were two animals. Or anthropomorphic animals engage in sexual activities together such as sex. There is a range of animals that are used. Some people also use it as money while others just masturbate to some of the pictures. There are tons of different styles and postures and attitudes that are used in the pictures. There are many types from straight, male and female. To gay and lesbian ones as well.
And for example of what could be used in a story.
Teen boy: I found a wolf fucking another wolf.
Friend: Wait- In sexual activities?
Teen boy: Yeah I masturbated to some and felt horny.
Friend: You know what that is right?
Teen boy: Furry porn.
by Blu-Blu-Furry-Bat April 8, 2016
Still images and/or motion pictures involving animals engaging in some kind of sexual act, whether it be with another animal or a human being. The animal, though, does not have to be furry in most cases.
Barack Obama: I look at furry porn.
Michelle Obama: Oh.

Barack Obama: I just watched a hairless cat get fucked by a dude.

Michelle Obama: I'm pretty sure that's still furry porn. Look it up on Urban Dictionary.
by Post-Noodle Naptime October 16, 2010
This is what happens when Japan's culture mixes with are's you get animals engaged in sex while standing on two legs
by Orman November 3, 2016
springs favorite type of gay porn
gay porn but with furries
sprimg:i love gay furry porn
everyone:we know
._. XDDDD ;-;
by zorcytox October 21, 2020