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A friendly, funny, creative being who usually is smart and ambitious. they can be wild and crazy. A Houghton is a wonderful person to be close to, because they are very loyal.
"Did you see that girl with the brown hair?"
"She's SUCH a houghton!"
by hellotherelover23 June 29, 2008
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Small town with big dreams to say the least. A small town way up north in the upper peninsula. Many people think kids round here are bad and break the rules all the time but that’s because it’s a small town and words get twisted and story’s get turned around. You know just about everyone in the town and half the town is related which makes it so close and amazing. Everyone knows what you did last weekend even if you swear you didn’t tell anyone... trust me it gets out somehow so everyone’s always watching closely what they do. We eat pasty’s up here and take saunas (sow-nas), at least that’s what everyone knows us by. Us yoopers are more adventurous and unique than anyone else you’ll ever meet. Take my word for it, houghton is a beautiful place and if you get the chance take a lil roadie and visit sometime.
“Did you hear what happened to that group of girls last weekend??”

“Duh, it’s houghton the word gets around member?”
“oh yeah but it’s still a great town eh”
by unknownnn123321 March 12, 2018
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