A retail chain store that focuses on the "dark rock?" subculture (at this point I don't know who Hot Topics core demographic is), like how Hollister focuses on the "surfing" subculture.

All in all not a bad store, prices are normally low, and I got this kick ass Iron Maiden shirt there for $10

But the employees can be a pain in the ass, always trying to sell you more stuff!

Probably the worst part of Hot Topic stores is that a good portion of the shoppers are idiots who think they're being induvidual by shopping at a chain store (which has a revenue of $761 million, how punk) and think they're being even more unique by wearing t-shirts of "obscure" bands like Slipknot (They were 2nd on the billboard charts, how underground) and ICP (who are a fucking franchise now, seriously they sell energy drinks)

But overall it's just like every other chain store, but it's a bit cheaper which is nice
(Example of overselling of Hot Topic employees)

Employe: Ok...hey can I interest you in the new Drake CD

Me: no...I just spent $10 here, fuck off

(example of stupid Mall Goths)

Mall Goth: I'm so original look at my slipknot shirt, no posers know about slipknot, they're so heavy and metal

Me: *slaps him* Bitch go buy a fucking Nile CD
by CodyCoyote July 21, 2010
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I saw a lot more Metallica shirts than My Chemical Romance shirts.
Hot Topic is just a store for fucking music, people. It's not just for emos and goths.
by TwoTrailerParkGirlsGoRound February 02, 2011
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A store that sells clothing, make up, jewelry, gifts, trinkets that sorta thing. Its a pretty good store but for some people who think they are being "different" shopping there is complete crap becuase some, i'm not saying all, SOME people who shop there think going to hollister and AE is so much different people everything is overpriced. o__o; Its basically the same prices, its just hot topic clothes don't ahve that li bird on it and there clothes don't really fit the "rock/punk" style. -___-

"I'm going to go buy a nice Panic! at the disco band tee at hot topic"
by randar00ni July 23, 2008
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only good for band clothing (just because you can't make band clothing, and because you can't find it at thrift stores ANDDD because it's hard to order off the internet).
"hot topic, it's where the poseurs go"
when i actually go to the mall, i laugh at the people in hot topic.
by my name April 06, 2004
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Hot topic is the way that we rhyme, Hot Topic is the way that we rhyme.
by Gitsie Poppyflower September 16, 2005
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A store where people, often with very low self-esteem levels, shop because they feel that the negative attention they get is gratifying to them.
hey, noone likes us, let's go hang out at Hot Topic so we can dress like white trash.
by CRACKER February 14, 2004
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Ok i understand that people shop there and theyre diffrent and unique n all that but thats takin it a LITTLE to far ! You can have a sucky life and parents that arent there for you and stuff but that doesnt mean that u have to wear all black n black eyeliner covering up your whole face ! thats beyond stupid... !
Hey Guys i jus shopped @ Hot topic ! Guess what i got ? Some more black eyeliner, sum goth lookin pants and a black shirt that doesnt even fit me right !! i just where this beacuse im a wanna b ! i wanna be lyk the people in the bands !
by SexxiSamJO4life August 11, 2005
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