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Hot Topic is a MUSIC store that some people confuse for a 'poser palace.' Newsflash, its not. If you like it, great. Yes, Hot Topic is based on music. Some people think that people go there to be different, other than shopping at 'preppy' stores, like Hollister, A&F, AE, etc... And some people DO want to be different. But the only thing that is crazy is people think 'low, life-less emos' go there to get a whole lot of dark, creepy, black clothes to look scary and dark and creepy, and blahblahblah...PEOPLE! IT'S STORE! a MUSIC store that just happens to sell other stuff than music. It's not a place where posers hang out. It's not a place where people go to live out their 'lifeless-ness.' And its most definitely not a scary store. If you like the store, great. If you hate the store, I'm sorry, just find a different store. Don't hate, its not fun.
emo: ima go to Hot Topic to go get some more radtastic clothes.
prep: ew, they wear black? That is so fetch!
poser: wow..now EVERYBODY is going to get that stuff! I might as well go get it too!
emo: wtf? i might as well be preppy..
by xMiSSxPECULiARx May 30, 2007

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