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When cops run your tag they will pull you over
You might get pulled over I have a hot car
by Yeet yeet master November 13, 2018
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When a driver of the opposite sex as the passenger calibrates the heat settings in an automobile to full heat output, and positions all blowers to point in the general direction of the passenger.

Hot car is successfully reached when the occupant claims, "My skin is burning". Attempts by the passenger to re-calibrate heat settings to a more comfortable level is met with a sturdy slap on the hand.
"That bitch whined about being cold so I pulled a hot car on her."
by Konrad May 12, 2004
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When the windows of a car are rolled up on a sunny day.
I left my milk in a hot car for a few hours, so I hope it is still good.
by Exersize313 October 28, 2018
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