4 definitions by Jean Pierre Lafee

1) Very similar to the term wank face. Is used when there are seemingly no insults left to use. Or if the insultee is going for the king pin insult.
2) This term derives from Peru. It comes from the term used by Peruvines which is 'el fucko turdino'.
Picture the scene, theres an immense cussige match going on:
"Mate....you are one.....one helleva fuck turd"
"Fo Shizzle"
by Jean Pierre Lafee July 06, 2004
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A term used to describe someone who collects the fluff from their navel to make a rather fetching sweater.
by Jean Pierre Lafee July 01, 2004
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An up and coming rock band from England. Released thier debut album, Please Describe Yourself, onto the unsuspecting public in the autumn of 2004.
The whole album is a great listen, mixing Rock and Ska to great effect. Lounger is a personal favourite of mine. The song is about 'lounging' about instead of doing school, sends a great message out to teh youth of today.
If you want to know more, buy the album. Available from all good music shops and some rubbish ones aswell.
"I get up when i like
Wear anything i like
Don't keep up with cool
I make up my own rules
Don't have to eat my greens
Or keep my bedroom extra tidy
'Cause nobody is around to tell me off
I can lounge about in my house 'cause lounging about is...good"
by Jean Pierre Lafee December 29, 2004
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1) A term used by idiots who tried to combine two insults to make a superior 'uber' insult, but failed miserbaly.
2) Said by Jonathon Ross when trying to say 'rank face'
3) It actually comes from the term used by the mexicans: 'el faceo wankido' which is used mainly when they are riding camels.
Shut up! Your such a...such a...wank face!
by Jean Pierre Lafee July 01, 2004
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