A chain store for people who hate chain stores.
The pierce monkey at Hot Topic kept flirting with me so I got my skate-board-punk-ass out of there.
by Hard Hairy September 30, 2003
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A place that preppy "teeny" rich kids shop to steal fashion statements from a rocker image that exhisted long before they were born.
Didn't they use to make fun of us for wearing leather, spikes, and black about 5 years ago? My life is now being sold in the mall.
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A store that sells slightly overpriced clothes but hey if you're truly original you can buy something cool from there and match it with some thrift coture to make something truly cutting edge.
i like it
i think its cool
you wanna shoot me? okay... whatever.
but hey you're labeling everyone that goes in there and that doesn't make you any better than a poser.
Opinions on hot topic.

prep: to dark and black.

goth: a reflection on the morbid nature in the artist's mind

punk: chains that cordinate and look cool with skate boards.

nerd: a way to show i can wear something bold.

poser: a way to conform with others...

look all sorts of people go in there
sure, some are losers and poser but others are the morbid dreamers (true goths) and the people who like the hair color... i mean really... just lay off... let people express themsevles.

im me if you have something to say in regards to this: truechicanry
by mara July 18, 2004
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A store that everyone has shopped at, but will deny to their dying day.
1. "I was so _______ (insert your "rebellion statement" here) that I never shopped at Hot Topic."
2. "I used to shop at Hot Topic back when it was hardcore. But now, it's just for poseurs."
3. "Jesus said unto Peter, before the cock crows, you would have denied me three times."
by heroin hiroshima May 01, 2005
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store where poser goth/punk "music-loving" rich kids shop. if you like music you spend ur money on concert tickets, not an effing $20 t-shirt.
wanna see some REAL anti-conformist punk kids? they are the ones walking out of hot topic with a shitload of stolen merchandise.
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The Kmart of goth.
"Where'd ya get that belt, man?"
"Hot Topic."
"...*mocking laughter*"
by Macavity February 23, 2004
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A clothing store in which one travels to in order to obtain various articles of apperal. This establishment markets their merchandise towards those who desire to appear hardcore and to be original. But by shopping at this Hot Topic, you are not really original because anyone can shop there. If by shopping there you are looking to be original you are not original because if you were original you would already be original and not trying to be. If original is not something you are already then shop there. Much love to Johnny. Hot Topic is the system.
Hey I got this shirt at Hot Topic I look H.C.!
by johnroxmysox January 06, 2005
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