The little rocks of burning hash that fall off the end of your spliff and ruin your best jacket
I got a hot rock burn in my fave shirt last night
by Swifty420 April 26, 2011
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Term for drying out after an alcohol soaked period. (A lizzard drying out on a hot rock).
After this weekend I need to find a hot rock.
by tlynn4020 March 29, 2010
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a boulder that falls off tha end of ur joint which can cause holes in your clothes
Shit! u got a hot rock on my jacket!
by Kay July 10, 2003
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bullets, slugs, caps, wig splitters, skull crackers ect...
yo son, you best run fore i throw some hot rocks at yo bitch ass
by nick 1911 August 7, 2007
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The act of shooting water up ur butt while showering, causing hot turd to come out
I was washing cleaning my butthole vigorously and shot some Hot Rocks
by unknownpope January 19, 2011
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A common derogative slang word for shooting someone, or a bullet. The term hot rocks comes from the idea of the bullet being "hot rock" flying at you.
"I've got some hot rocks for that ass."

"I buzzed by the club and some rag's were throwing hot rocks."
by bigwillie4200 October 1, 2011
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an unusual and often painful massage method. the masseuse hits the persons back very hard while saying "Helga Hot Rock".
Joe: Hey you want a massage?

Tim: Sure! Just don't helga hot rock me!
by Toboggan Devil May 8, 2015
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