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1. Hot Dog with a piece of pizza wrapped around it. May or may not include the bun.
"Jay and Lindsay were so hungry after a night of dancing drunk, they ate 2 Hot Pizzas each!"
by Skywalkers July 05, 2009
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A phrase you blurt when your mobbing down a steep surface and must warn the pedestrians
"Hot pizza!"
by Kinkycat August 13, 2017
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When you go to Little Ceasers and order a "Hot n' Ready" pizza. Then the guy behind the counter grabs the counter and slowly does a handstand. He then wraps his legs around your head and shits Diarrhea all over your head and face. Then when he's done serving you he kindly ask's if you want breadsticks with that
Joel: Mike what the fuck happened to you!!!!!!
Mike Pollock: I went to Little Ceasers to order a Hot Pizza and I guess the menu changed
by Mik6 April 19, 2005
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